Mandu Gathering Handbook

printed in the UK,
16 pages staple bound, risograph printed at London Centre for Book Arts, 2023

event, design, printing

This thin small book is a book containing drawings of Mandu Gathering that I organised, took part in last autumn with mum.
Making mandu together as a prompt for drawing, thinking, making and concerning for our relationship.

Making of this book was a deliberate tool to record 10 days I spent with Mum. Both of us were present, porous and sensitive to the choices of words, sentences and offerings the other person made, knowing whatever’s being done will make resonance to wherever the normality sits for each others life, being apart eventually.

Mum suggested adding mung bean sprouts and No was my answer. Avocado salads were made. Plates in the cook’s worktop as workers need feeding as well as the adequate beverages. Kettle was boiling, many black coffees and white coffees were made.