dr. jude, branding, packaging, copywriting, art-direction for photography, 2022
Branding identities for a hair-care brand, dr.jude, Busan, South Korea.
Photography by Limso.

When Koo, the project director of dr. jude, came to me, it was just re-branding the existing hair-care product. Soon after having had a copious amount of coffees at meetings with her, I quickly realised that the brand should have more connection to what Koo believed in as a potter: making a beautiful form that has a relationship to its fuction.  

Hence the project started from the beginning. Creating a new story and connecting dots between the existing stories with potential with thoughtful consideration over the target audience and aligning a design brief to the newly established brand philosophy. 

Inspired by the gestures of hands (im) pressing and gathering the clay, each product line is named after the draw of the hands, working with clay.

‘For those who come from the dusty pottery studio to those with misty eyes from staring the screens whole day - sparing, cherishing time alone, cleansing and re-balancing.’