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박시내 - Sinae Park. 1993 / Currently based in Norwich, Norfolk

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Sinae Park writes and designs books. She works closely with the purpose and idea of a book to translate messages into a beautiful book object. Using a book as an artistic medium and a tool for communication, she delves into potentials of everyday object such as food, bowls and clothes as a carrier of culture and ideas.

Selected Show

Norwich University of the Arts Degree Show, summer 2019
V&A Illustration Award, summer 2018
Solo show at AST, summer 2017
The Wilson, winter 2017

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FORTIFIED 2. autumn 2019_click images

This project is a collection of essays, conversations and being on sites with others devoted to performative elements of food, metaphorical potential of food in the social and political context of a place. The method of making the physical form of publication was chosen to embrace many forms of conversations and experiments about the subject of food.

Fortified 1

This publication was chosen to make to debrief the event, Fortified in which the participant of the event was to compose a dish (food) to cook then make a dish (container) with clay in response to the word, Fortified.


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Collection 1

Process Wild Clay, 2019

This small book was designed for a potter, Rachel Kurdynowska to be used during her workshop at Cley.

The participants of the workshop was given a copy of the booklet in the beginning of the workshop then, practiced how to process clay sourced from the coast.

workshop photo credit to Rachel Kurdynowska